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Systems Engineer 1

Start Date: Immediate Opening
Place of Performance: Ft. Meade, Maryland

Job Description: Contributes to the development of sections of systems engineering documentation such as System Engineering Plans, Initial Capabilities Documents, Requirements specifications, and Interface Control Documents. Manages system requirements and derived requirements to ensure the delivery of production systems that are compatible with the defined system architecture(s) – Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), etc.  Assists with the development of system requirements, functional requirements, and allocation of the same to individual hardware, software, facility, and personnel components. Coordinates the resolution of action items from Configuration Control Board (CCB) meetings, design reviews, program reviews, and test reviews that require cross-discipline coordination. Participates in an Integrated Product Team to design new capabilities based upon evaluation of all necessary development and operational considerations. Participates in the development of system engineering documentation, such as System Engineering Plans, Initial Capabilities Documents, Requirements Specifications, and Interface Control Documents. Participates in interface definition, design, and changes to the configuration between affected groups and individuals throughout the life cycle. Allocates real-time process budgets and error budgets to systems and subsystem components. Derives from the system requirements and understanding of stakeholder needs, functions that may be logically inferred and implied as essential to system effectiveness. Derives lower-level requirements from higher-level allocated requirements that describe in detail the functions that a system component must fulfill, and ensure these requirements are complete, correct, unique, unambiguous, realizable, and verifiable.

Position Qualifications

·        Seven (7) years’ experience in programs.

·        Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering Science, Engineering Management, or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required.

·        Five (5) years of additional SE experience may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.