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Collective Training Exercise Integrator (Content SME/Instructor II)

Legion Systems LLC is seeking a Collective Training Exercise Integrator (Content SME/Instructor II) to work on a future contract located at Fort Bragg NC

General Job Responsibilities
-Provide liaison and direct support to the operational commander responsible for generating an operational environment for home station collective training exercises
-Supporting Army, Joint, Combined WFXs, training of brigade combat teams, functional and multifunctional brigades, expeditionary sustainment command and sustainment brigades, and Army special operations forces embedded or stand-alone WFXs
-Scenarios will feature the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE), make use of hybrid threat doctrine, and integrate Unified Action Partner capabilities to meet operational training objectives

Required Qualifications:
-Minimum of 10 years of operational experience
-Experience with exercise scenario development
-Recent (i.e., within two years) CTC/ACTC/MCTP experience
-Familiarity with leveraging Army Training Network (ATN), Combined Arms Training Strategy (CATS), and METL development tools

Preferred Qualifications:
-Familiarization with DATE, employment of Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS), Mission Scenario Event List (MSEL) development, and Synthetic Training Environment Initiatives (STE)
-Observer/ Controller/Trainer (OC/T) experience