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HUMINT (Interrogation) Task Lead/Course Manager (Content SME/Instructor III)

Legion Systems LLC is seeking a HUMINT (Interrogation) Task Lead/Course Manager (Content SME/Instructor III) to work on a future contract located at Camp Bullis Texas

General Job Responsibilities
Develop scripted HUMINT scenario environments with the flexibility to increase in complexity via Commander Input; this will include Category II MSO collective environment creation and HUMINT soured role-playing, when applicable -Develop HUMINT instruction and scenario environment centered on all policies, procedures, and applicable laws governing U.S. Army HUMINT Operations
-Conduct all instruction, where possible, using operational data on networks, workstations, and DCGS-A furnished by the Government

Required Qualifications:
-Minimum 15 years of operational experience as an Army MOS 35M
-Minimum of 2 years duty as a HUMINT instructor
-Certified ASOC, SOC, AMSOC, SOT 2-3, or
FTC graduate
-Working knowledge of the HUMINT Enterprise
-Ability to realistically role-play as both a source and a walk-in
Preferred Qualification:
-Graduate of the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) or equivalent Intelligence Community instructor course (i.e., NGA College, NSA ADET, etc.)