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HUMINT (Interrogation) Instructor/Scenario Developer/OC/Developer (Content SME/Instructor I)

Legion Systems LLC is seeking a HUMINT (Interrogation) Instructor/Scenario Developer/OC/Developer (Content SME/Instructor I) to work on a future contract located at Camp Bullis Texas

General Job Responsibilities
-Develop scripted HUMINT scenario environments with the flexibility to increase in complexity via Commander Input; this will include Category II MSO collective environment creation and HUMINT soured role-playing, when applicable -Develop HUMINT instruction and scenario environment centered on all policies, procedures, and applicable laws governing U.S. Army HUMINT Operations
-Conduct all instruction, where possible, using operational data on networks, workstations, and DCGS-A furnished by the Government

Required Qualifications:
-Active TS/SCI
-Minimum 6 years of operational experience as an Army MOS 35M
-Minimum of two years duty as a HUMINT instructor
-Ability to realistically role-play as both a source and a walk-in
-At least one year of experience with Army exercise scenario development utilizing the Intelligence Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Training (IEWTPT), Training Brain Operations Center (TBOC) simulator, the Digital SIGINT Training System (DSTS) exercise simulator, or other service equivalent

Preferred Qualifications:
-Certified ASOC, SOC, AMSOC, SOT 2-3, or
FTC graduate
-Working knowledge of the HUMINT Enterprise
-Graduate of the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) or equivalent
-At least 1 tour as a military intelligence Soldier
-Experience as an Observer/Controller in one of the 3 Army Joint training