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CI Scenario Developer Observer Mentor OC (Content SME/Instructor I)

Legion Systems LLC is seeking a CI Scenario Developer Observer Mentor OC (Content SME/Instructor I) to work on a future contract located at Camp Bullis Texas

General Job Responsibilities
Provide a collective MI- centric training exercise for platoon-sized elements up to a brigade-sized exercise designed as a final FTX prior to certification (if required) and in preparation to deploy

Required Qualifications:
-Minimum 8 years of operational experience as an Army MOS 351L/35L in Army CI activities -Minimum of two years of duty as a CI instructor
-Graduate of one of the following courses: CFSO, MCC, ACICC,
AFCIC, or other like service source handling course and/or actual experience in source handling
-Demonstrated knowledge of CI both tactical and strategic operations, the CI Enterprise, CI Investigations and Force Protection, 2X Functions, and Asset Validation Communication skills to effectively interface with senior military
officials, managers, and subordinates
-At least 1 year if experience with Army exercise scenario development utilizing the Intelligence Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Training (IEWTPT), Training Brain Operations Center (TBOC) simulator, the Digital SIGINT Training System (DSTS) exercise simulator, or other service equivalent

Preferred Qualification:
-Graduate of the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) or equivalent Intelligence Community instructor course (i.e., NGA College, NSA ADET, etc.)
-At least 1 tour as a military intelligence Soldier
-Experience as an Observer/Controller in one of the 3 Army joint training centers (JMRC, JRTC, or NTC)