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CI Senior Instructor/Trainer (Content SME/Instructor II)

Legion Systems LLC is seeking a CI Senior Instructor/Trainer (Content SME/Instructor II) to work on a future contract located at Camp Bullis Texas

General Job Responsibilities
-Provide instruction, instructional assistance, and appropriate scenario development support for intelligence personnel, teams, and units in support of CI
-Development and revise CI TSPs and familiarization
and sustainment training, including individual to collective training materials and scenarios

Required Qualifications:
-Minimum 15 years of operational experience as an Army MOS 351L/35L in Army CI activities
-Minimum of two years duty as a CI instructor
-Graduate of one of the following courses: CFSO, MCC, ACICC,
AFCIC, or other like service source handling course and/or actual experience in source handling
-Demonstrated knowledge of CI both tactical
and strategic operations, the CI Enterprise, CI Investigations and Force Protection, 2X Functions, and Asset Validation
-Communication skills to effectively interface with senior military officials, managers, and subordinates
-Graduate of the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) or equivalent Intelligence Community instructor course (i.e., NGA College, NSA ADET, etc.)