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Information Operations (IO/MISO) Planner

Start Date: Immediate and Contingent Openings

Places of Performance: Ft. Belvoir (1st IO Command), Quantico (Marine Corps IO Command), Tampa, FL (CENTCOM), Stuttgart (EUCOM and AFRICOM), and OCONUS locations (Middle East)

IO Planning:

  • Employ operational experience working with a broad range of Information Related Capabilities (IRCs), including electronic warfare (EW), Computer Network Operations (CNO), military information support operations (MISO), military deception (MILDEC), and Operational Security (OPSEC). Identify information requirements needed for analysis and course of action development and provide IO inputs and recommendations to concepts of operation (CONOPS), briefs, and papers. This support is related to political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, technical, or military issues in specific foreign countries and includes a demonstrated working knowledge of the information environment and the significance of regional conditions and trends in support of day to day operations. This includes the analysis, planning and targeting support to augment designated commands during home station or abroad training, exercises, augmentation to IO staffs, and at deployed locations.

  • Perform mission support assignments and planning actions required to address IO unique problems, assist with developing and presenting ideas and solutions that support creative and alternative business methods and practices. Support will be required across all regional theaters in an effort to identify primary target audiences, develop precise themes and messages, and determine appropriate means of dissemination in order to garner foreign support for the US Government’s goals, themes, and objectives relating to any overseas contingency operations. Identify, prioritize, manage, and track production and collection requirements and coordinate across the Intelligence Community to include open source information and data, to ensure collection and production requirements are met. Provide cultural assessment services and products that support development, coordination, production, and synchronization of commercial grade, multimedia products to include producing commercial quality media products and enable analysis of data to measure the effects of IO to facilitate planning and make adjustments to ongoing operations.

Activities include the following:
  • Developing and implementing IO planning products supporting internal and external unit requests for support
  • Developing and implementing plans and concepts in support of IO missions, through utilization of the MDMP and other standard processes
  • Providing in depth analysis in support of IO products, and the utilization of team members support through coordination of elements within the Custom Unit as well as outside units and organizations
  • Develop strategic studies and analysis
  • Provide inputs for the IO strategic planning process
  • Provide advice, analyses, and assistance involving capability assessments and transformation
  • initiatives involving IO mission sets, TTP’s, and experimentation
  • Create decision matrix visualization tools
  • Develop advanced scheduling approaches 
  • Support planning and development of wargames, rehearsal of concept drills, and table top exercises

Position Requirements:
  • US Citizenship and TS/SCI clearance
  • Graduate of Joint or Service IO Planning Course
  • Willing to deploy into combat areas or in support of contingency or training operations
  • Recent experience working OEF/ OIF/ OIR - GWOT operations

Educational Levels and Experience:
·       PhD with 5 years’ experience
·       Masters with 10+ years’ experience
·       Bachelors with 15+ years’ experience
·       20 years’ experience
·       Masters with 5-9 years’ experience
·       Bachelors with 10-14 years’ experience
·       15-19 years’ experience
·       Masters with 1-4 years’ experience
·       Bachelors with 5-9 years’ experience
·       10-14 years’ experience
·       Bachelors with 1-4 years’ experience
·       5-9 years’ experience