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Financial Management Specialist

Place of Performance: Office of Security Cooperation - Iraq

Financial Management Personnel: (1 Opening)

Contractor shall assist in the preparation of briefing materials/point papers/adhoc reports to assess the financial impact in the formulation of strategic mission guidance plan. They will update budget controls and executive control summary reports as requested and draft spreadsheets, reports, and conduct analysis to ensure short and long-range budget requirements are priced appropriately. Contractor shall prepare and maintain current execution spend plans. They will populate “real time data,” prepare ledgers, report and track ledger data, and maintain and support specified financial management information system. They must be able to collect, monitor and analyze commitment, obligation, and expenditure information from accounting systems or records in support of the Comptroller. They must assist in the preparation and update execution data calls as required by the Comptroller, CENTCOM J8, OSD, and Congress. Additional responsibilities include conducting risk and internal control assessments and seek accomplishments through recommended corrective actions and testing procedures. These control assessments will be used in the development of business process documentation, capturing data, identifying business process control weaknesses, and testing in the preparation of the annual statements and certifications of OSC-I. Finally, they will be responsible for maintaining, reviewing, and processing travel documents for OSC-I personnel.

Education Requirements:

Position requires at least a high school diploma. Additionally, contractor must have completed a military financial management school (USA 36B, USAF 6F0X, etc.) or equivalent.

Training Requirements

·       Must be proficient in all Microsoft Office products. Must complete the annual DoD Information Assurance Training for access to DoD computer systems.

·       Must be familiar with the various FM systems utilized by the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq including but not limited to DEAMS, CRIS, FMSuite, and DTS.

Experience Requirements
·       Must have knowledge of and skill in applying, fundamental military human resource management principles and practices; and standardized analytical and evaluative methods and techniques in order to provide technical expertise and guidance as well as management advisory services to resolve factual and procedural issues within the particular area of assignment.
·       Must have general knowledge of the organizational structure and requirements of the various services and US Central Command suitable to provide advice to commanders, unit administrators, and military members concerning the area of program specialty.
·       Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, with individuals, supervisors, and management.
·       Must have experience which demonstrates the ability to examine reports, forms, and other documents to insure completeness and conformity to policy and procedures.
·       Must have experience which demonstrates the basic working knowledge of computers.
·       Must have experience demonstrating the ability to apply rules and regulations to financial actions.

·       Must have the ability to answer complex and unusual military finance questions and issues.